Your secret weapon to getting a full body workout wherever you are without crowded gyms or monthly fees

About The RVRFIT Training System

The RVR (Recon Versa Rope) FIT training system was designed with proven methods of training in mind. It perfectly combines the traditional methods of jump roping, body weight exercises, and weight resistance training into a complete training system designed to allow you to work out every single muscle groups anywhere and anytime. Super versatile and portable, the RVRFIT Ultimate Workout System will be the only fitness gear that you will ever need in order to achieve any fitness goals that you can think of!

Comfortable Rotating Handle

The grip on the handles of the RVRFIT can rotate 360 degrees in order to allow you to move in a wider range of motion and to alleviate pressure on your wrists.

Durable & Weighted Rope

The RVRFIT is made with a 4 pound rope that is durable and rugged in order for you to do weighted jump roping, body weight suspension training, and stretching routines safely and effectively.

Reliable Hooks

2 metal hooks are positioned on the RVRFIT in order for you to quickly and conveniently transform the RVRFIT from a jump rope to a body weight suspension training equipment.

Adjustable Weights On Handles

Make your workout harder by adding more weight to the handles of the RVRFIT.

Versatile Connector

Use the versatile connector to connect the RVRFIT to any beams, bars, trees, fence, etc. to workout anytime and anywhere!

Effective Stretching Tool

Increase your flexibility and prevent injuries by using the RVRFIT strap handles to stretch out.

Weight Resistance Training

Put in weights into the RVRFIT drawstring bag (included with your purchase) and connect it to the RVRFIT in order to perform weight resistance training.

Take Your Abs Workout To The Next Level

Use the straps on the RVRFIT to perform advanced abdominal exercises in order to develop abs of steel!

Reliable & Strong Lock Mechanism

Rest assured that the RVRFIT connector part will not break or fail you. The RVRFIT connector part is equipped with a super strong lock heavily reinforced with an additional tightening mechanism to ensure your safety.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At RVRFIT, we place our customers first. If you order the RVRFIT and you are not happy with it for whatever reasons, return it back to us within 30 days and pay for the shipping cost in order to get your full refund! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain when you try out the RVRFIT!

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